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As a leading purchaser & reseller of the highest quality consumer goods, Alan’s Jewelry & Pawn is built on a simple mission:

To bring value to everyone who walks through our doors. So, come talk to our friendly and knowledgable staff, Asheville’s original Pawn Stars!!

Alan’s Jewelry & Pawn has three convenient locations that operate in a department store format, with showrooms and departments that are well stocked with new and refurbished merchandise. Please check out our Jewelry, Musical Instruments, and Tools & Equipment departments.

We will lend money against (AKA “pawn”) most items of value.
Please visit our Loans department.

Bullmania Cowboy show this little cowboy how to rope!

Bullmania Cowboy show this little cowboy how to rope!

Cowboys and Clowns care!

Cowboys and Clowns care!

Thank you to Alan, the Cowboy and the Clown who made the kids day at Mission Hospital!



Alan’s jewelry department contains showcases full of fine jewelry and unclaimed pawn bargains.

Hundreds of fine pre-owned ‘like new’ watches, thousands of sparkling diamonds and kilos of gold are offered to the public at incredible prices. Alan’s Jewelry & Pawn is also a leading seller of gorgeous estate and antique jewelry.

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Chris Ortega, a talented musician and artist, was murdered in his Asheville home on October 26, 2013. His family and friends and family are looking for answers and need YOUR help!!! Alan’s Jewelry and Pawn has posted a $2500 reward and that is being matched by Crime Stoppers for a total of $5000. Ifi you have any information please call.

Asheville Police Department 828-252-1110 or Crime Stoppers 828-255-5050